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Orphans Day 2015

13.4.2015, Alexandria – Orphans Day 2015 was a great day to remember for everyone involved; all organizers, sponsors, and volunteers and most importantly all orphans; of all ages. Rotaract & Interact Alexandria Marine Clubs organized the event with a full program of fun activities to be held at Alexandria Language School; sponsored by Vanilloz, McDonald’s and Bonjour. The program that was put together aimed at guaranteeing all kids had a great experience; and in application, adults did too.

After Bonjour’s breakfast, candy and juice were distributed to mark the day with sweetness then kids started playing only to be surprised in a while with our delicious snack of colourful and sprinkled mini doughnuts; which thankfully everyone loved. Then it was time for the Friday Prayer where kids and adults listened to a spiritual speech and joined in Gamaa’ Prayer. The games program was back again with a fun face painting activity which kids are always excited about, until it was time for McDonald’s Happy Meal and show time. All kids had a lot of fun and ended the day going home with more doughnuts to eat on the way plus bags of more candy and toys.

It was great seeing the kids so happy; jumping on the inflatables, competing through pull rope, basketball, and football games and watching, cheering, and even contributing, to Ronald McDonald’s show. We saw many future opportunities for these young children; their talents were yet to be discovered, and love and support was sometimes all they needed. We did our best to be there that day for everyone, but they always need someone to be there all the time. So, if there’s something you can do to help or if you can be there for them too; don’t hesitate to contact the organizers listed below and stay tuned as we announce the next event that really matters. Hope you can join us next year and all years to come!

Rotaract Alexandria Marine Club:

Contact: Ms. Rania Abd El-Aziz

Mob.: +20 112 226 5011

Email: [email protected]

Club Page:

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