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We never get tired of coming up with new offers. Visit us regularly so you never miss any!

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Once you try our doughnuts, you’ll know our baker’s recipes could come in handy.

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We never get tired of coming up with new offers and discounts. Visit Vanilloz Dot Com regularly so you never miss any! 

As a thank you gesture for our customers’ great support since we opened our Miami Branch in Ramadan, we’re offering Winning Doughnuts on our official opening day: Aug. the 2nd, 2015. When you lift your doughnut up, you'll see what other one you WON!


It’s Our 1st Anniversary! Scratch the card you get when you place an order at any of our branches on Thursday May the 27th, and win Doughnuts, Drinks, or One of 3 Grand Prizes:

1st Prize: A Doughnut A Day for 1 YEAR

2nd Prize: Free Party Order: 100 Doughnuts

3rd Prize:  Invitation for 10 People: Eat & Drink As Much As You Can


Only on Mother's Day,  A Free Doughnut for your Mum @ our San Stefano Branch and A Free Doughnut + Drink @ our Fouad St. Branch!


Celebrating Valentine’s Day; we’re giving A Heart for A Heart. On every Vanilloz Heart you buy, there’s another one for FREE; exclusively on Feb. the 14th, 2015.


In celebration of our opening at San Stefano Grand Plaza, we’re presenting Winning Doughnuts. Lift your doughnut up to see what other one you WON! Everybody’s winning a doughnut, which one would it be? Offer available through Thurs. & Fri. Nov. 6th & 7th, 2014.


Our Back to School offer grants you a Mini Joyful Box for FREE, when you buy The Joyful Box. Now you can have 30 Mini Doughnuts instead of 20 with no extra expenses! Offer ends 27/9/2014.  


Exclusively on June the 23rd, in celebration of our opening at Fouad Street; Vanilloz grants you the chance to experiment a coffee cup of your choice from Nespresso’s menu – for free – upon ordering any couple of doughnuts you like! 

Our All Time Offer: When you complete 10 online orders of minimum a dozen each, Vanilloz grants you a free dozen sent fresh and warm right to your doorstep! 

Our debut offer comes in celebration of our soft launch on April the 3rd. If you drop by our Kiosk at Alexandria City Centre, at any time that day, you’ll pick a doughnut  to try absolutely for free! 

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