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Doughnuts & Coffee on Fouad Street

This Monday, the 23rd of June 2014, Vanilloz would be opening a new venue at 88 Fouad Street; offering our delicious doughnuts, and for the first time at Vanilloz, some irresistible coffee selections!

Since our opening in April at City Center, we’ve brought you none but the most delicious doughnut flavours, but we’ve been looking for a companion for your doughnut treat time. We found nothing to match our deliciousness except the world renowned coffee brand; “Nespresso”! Each cup of “Nespresso” coffee is an experience in its own, so to enjoy the variety; try a new item every time!

At least this time, it’s on the house! In celebration of our new opening – on June the 23rd – Vanilloz grants you the chance to try any item you pick from Nespresso’s menu – for free – upon ordering any couple of doughnuts you like!

We know Nespresso’s aroma would capture your senses. The fact that the coffee’s prepared from the sealed capsules of Nespresso’s Grand Crus, means its aroma and flavour are always like freshly roasted and ground coffee. Who can resist that? Experience Nespresso’s different coffee blends through Ristretto, Espresso or Lungo menus and try out the classics of Hot Chocolate, Flavoured Tea or Cappuccino and Mocha; among other Espresso-based coffees.

If your office is somewhere around us at Fouad Street, you won’t need to drive to get your hands on a good breakfast. On your way to work, or through your coffee break; just drop by and grab some doughnuts and a cup of coffee to keep you cheerful, alert and creative! Or if you’re hanging out with friends one evening in the area, come over and conclude your day with a delicious treat and coffee duet.

With Vanilloz offering you a creative variety of doughnut and coffee selections, we’re heartily presenting you the best doughnut and coffee experience ever - Not to be missed!

-          Location: 88 Fouad St., Alexandria

-          Open daily from 09:00 am until Midnight!

-          One day Offer (23-6-2014): Any 2 Doughnuts = 1 Free Nespresso

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