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Doughnuts are fun. It’s true. But they’re even more fun when you share them with lonely children and all those in need. We believe that drawing a chocolate smile on a child’s face as he bites on our doughnuts is what really matters. If you too believe that this is what really matters, join our newsletter to be updated with Vanilloz’ visits to orphanages and the fun activities we hold. Become a Vanilloz friend and share with us those special moments whenever you can!

Orphans Day 2015

13.4.2015, Alexandria – Orphans Day 2015 was a great day to remember for everyone involved; all organizers, sponsors, and volunteers and most importantly all orphans; of all ages. Rotaract & Interact Alexandria Marine Clubs organized the event with a full program of fun activities to be held at Alexandria Language School..    More ..

Orphans Day 2014

29.4.2014, Alexandria – Vanilloz team had the pleasure and honor to join Orphans Day this April the 25th at Pioneers American High School in El-Ras El-Soda, Alexandria. Under the motto “You are not alone”, the event was created to try and make a difference in the lives of young orphans even if for one day; showing them love and care..    More ..
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