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Latest News

Thanking customers for their support with Winning Doughnuts on the official opening day of our ...
A happy day for everyone; with balloons and fun, a lot of surprises, and real big prizes!
Mother’s Day 15.04.2015
No longer was Mother’s Day a tradition of visiting mums with a box of sweets!
Coming in 3 different versions; all of Vanilloz Hearts boast true Strawberry passion…
After The Joyful Box acquired the love of both kids and adults alike, we decided to create a ...
This Monday, the 23rd of June, Vanilloz opens a new venue offering our delicious doughnuts and ...
Orphans Day 2014 29.04.2014
Vanilloz team had the pleasure and honor to join Orphans Day this April the 25th at Pioneers ...
OPENING DAY 26.03.2014
Mark Your Calendars to April the 3rd! On this special day, Vanilloz ...
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